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Akebia 2018 Spring Conference Recap

We care deeply about the work we do as we strive to make a positive difference for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. There is always more to learn, and this spring’s conference season provided multiple opportunities to meet with and exchange thoughts and information with our colleagues and partners in the nephrology field.

During this time, we logged over 7,400 miles traveling to six different cities, where we shared research and engaged with colleagues in the kidney community about the collective work we are doing to advance science in the field.

Below is a recap of where we went and some of our favorite snapshots. We hope you enjoy!


The National Kidney Foundation Clinical Meeting
Austin, Texas


The 55th Annual ERA EDTA Congress
Copenhagen, Denmark


As well as the patient-focused AAKP 43rd National Patient Meeting
St. Petersburg, Florida


Closer to home, we had a presence at:

4th Annual Kidney NExT4 Symposium: Inventing the Future of Kidney Therapeutics
Cambridge, Mass.


As well as the CKD3 Chronic Kidney Disease Drug Development Conference and Academy of Managed Care
Specialty Pharmacy Annual Meeting
both in Boston, Mass.


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