Global leadership in hypoxia inducible factor (HIF) biology. Dedicated to advancing care for serious disease.

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HIF biology has far-reaching potential

Pursuing advances across multiple disease states.

We were founded in 2007 to discover and develop novel therapeutic solutions leveraging hypoxia inducible factor—or HIF—biology, a primary regulator involved in multiple major biological pathways.


Our strategy is to develop novel therapeutics for patients based on the biology of HIF and to commercialize products for patients with kidney disease, beginning with vadadustat (also known as AKB-6548) for patients with anemia secondary to chronic kidney disease (CKD). We intend to:

Complete the development of vadadustat for anemia secondary to CKD.

Obtain regulatory approval of vadadustat for anemia secondary to CKD in the United States, Europe, and other markets.

Commercialize vadadustat in the United States and collaborate in other territories.

Continue to develop vadadustat for further indications.

Advance pipeline assets.

Acquire or in-license additional nephrology products.